[Fixed]-Django-admin.py startproject opens notepad, instead of creating a project


Your python files would be associated to open with notepad. Change the behaviour to open with IDLE/python.


Instead of django-admin.py startproject mysite try python django-admin.py startproject mysite

That should work, but…

…you will need to do something more if you want django-admin.py startproject mysite to work without adding python at the start: –

  1. right click any python file ending with the extension .py
  2. click on properties
  3. In the opens with section, you should be able to see notepad. click on the change button next to this.
  4. click “browse” and locate your python.exe executable, most probably in c:\pythonxx\ directory then click on “open” then “ok”

That should set you up, or you can always revert back for clarifications.


Another method: Instead of using django-admin.py write django-admin

django-admin startproject mysite


When faced with an issue of django-admin.py opening in an editor

I did this

Select python file and right click and set default open with python console for windows
Problem will be solved automatically

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