[Fixed]-Django admin: use checkboxes in list view in list_filter()


For all models

You can easily override the django admin templates to customize the admin UI.

To edit the sidebar filter, just add a templates/admin/filter.html file, and write your custom HTML with radio buttons.

Note that this will change the sidebar filter for all models.

For a single model

If you want to change the filter for a single model, you can specify a template for a ListFilter:

class FilterWithCustomTemplate(admin.SimpleListFilter):
    template = "custom_template.html"


As a reference example, check is the default template for filter.html.


  1. Radio buttons cannot have multiple selection, you would need to make them check boxes.

  2. What you are looking for is making custom filters. I would suggest instead of overwriting the Filter List to contain a check form with check boxes, add a custom filter with each option as a filter. Use this link and scroll down to the SimpleListFilter and you will be able to code it with 5-10 LOC.

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