[Fixed]-Django – authentication, registration with email confirmation


It’s not built into Django. There is a reusable app called django-allauth, which will fit your needs.

An app called django-registration used to be recommended, but that is now unmaintained and out of date.

Editor note: django-registration is not unmaintained as of December 2016.


While django-registration used to be the registration system du jour, it has been abandoned by the maintainer and doesn’t work on Django 1.6 without patching.

Try maybe django-allauth – I would have used it if I had known about it when I was looking. (As it turned out, I found this question first and used django-registration, wasting a lot of time.)

EDIT 10/2016: Looks like django-registration is maintained again. It’s on GitHub now: https://github.com/ubernostrum/django-registration



You can do this:

  • Define a function to activate the user (i. e. def

    • Configure in the url.py the route to that function (i.e /activate/)
  • Create a form to register user
  • Create the post function to create the user
    • When you create the user set field ‘is_active’ to 0.
    • In the same function send the email with a link inside, this link must have the target as the configured route

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