[Fixed]-Django binary (no source code) deployment


Oh, again that old one… Simply stated, you can’t deploy an application in a non-compiled language (Python, Perl, PHP, Ruby…) in a source-safe way – all existing tricks are extremely easy to circumvent. Anyway, that doesn’t matter at all: the contract you have with your customer does. Even for Java there are neat decompilers.

If your customer wants to redeploy by hand your application on another machine, he could anyway even if the application was in C. Unless you wrote a dongle-protected anti-piracy scheme? Come on. You have to build a relation with your client. This is a social, commercial and legal problem that can’t be solved with a technical stunt.



Yes, you can, sort of.

Have a read of http://effbot.org/zone/python-compile.htm – that should answer your question!



No, there isn’t a reliable to do this at the moment. Even compiled code like referenced in the answer above this one isn’t 100% secure.

My advice: clean open code for your clients and a good relation with them is the only way to go. Keeping your code hidden can be good from a business point of view but from a client relation point of view it’s a real show stopper. Advertise: “Our code is open!”, which doesn’t mean your clients can do anything they want with it.

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