[Solved]-Django code changes not reflecting on production server



Are 100% sure you are looking at the right server you are making the changes to? I know that sounds stupid but, why don’t you stop Apache, can you still run the page then? IF you can then you definitely don’t have the correct server.

If not, next try reloading Apache (thats different from restarting).

sudo service apache2 reload

If this still does not work then post your Apache setup, if must be looking on the wrong folder to the one your pushing to.

πŸ‘€Glyn Jackson


You have to restart your server (WSGI, UWSGI or whatever your use on production environment)



If you use uwsgi as gateway set touch-reload param in uwsgi settings
and you need just

$ touch <your-touch-reload-file>

in console for reflecting on changes

If you use apache with mod_python or mod_wsgi, you have to restart apache for apply changes


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