[Solved]-Django – DatabaseError: No such table


Actually the problem was that the table never got created. Since I am fairly new with django, I did not know that ./manage.py syncdb does not update existing models, but only creates the ones that do not exist.

Because the model ‘Server’ existed before I added the other model, and it was already in the db, ‘syncdb’ did not actually create the new tables.



As a tip for the future, look into South, a very useful utility for applying your model changes to the database without having to create a new database each time you’ve changed the model(s).

With it you can easily: python manage.py migrate app_name and South will write your model changes.
The documentation is pretty straightforward.


I meet the same problem today and fix it.
I think you miss some command in tutorial 1.
just do follow:

./python manage.py makemigrations polls
python manage.py sql polls
./python manage.py syncdb

then fix it and gain the table polls and you can see the table created.
you should read the manage.py makemigrations command.


for django 1.9, this is what i did and it solved the issue.

python manage.py makemigrations app_name

python manage.py migrate



  1. use “manage.py help” to check the command
  2. if you find migrate and makemigration, it means your python has updated

step 1:

python manage.py makemigration

result 1:

Migrations for 'mainsite':
- Create model Post

step 2:

python manage.py migrate

result 2:

Operations to perform:
Apply all migrations: admin, auth, contenttypes, mainsite, sessions
Running migrations:
Applying mainsite.0001_initial... OK

finally, runserver. Done

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