[Fixed]-Django filter through multiple fields in a many-to-many intermediary table


Now, I want to filter all videos which have a specific format, AND the
status code for that format is 10 (ready to use). How can I do that?
(assuming that f is the format)

The code that you posted does exactly what you want:

Video.objects.filter(media__formats=f, media__mediaformat__status=10)

This is documented in the filter() documentation:

Multiple parameters are joined via AND in the underlying SQL


You can chain the filters together for an β€œAND” construct.

Videos where the format is f AND the format’s status is 10

πŸ‘€Chris W.


Probably not relevant for the OP, but might be for others like me who found this thread while searching for the right answer.

Ludwik got it right, but the section in the documentation that explains all of this, as well as how to do excludes, is in the queries documentation.

Note that splitting the filter into two filter calls like Chris suggested will give you the exact opposite result: it will search for a video that has a media format f and that has a media format, not necessarily the same media format, with a status of 10.


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