[Fixed]-Django forms.ChoiceField without validation of selected value


You could create a custom ChoiceField and override to skip validation:

class ChoiceFieldNoValidation(ChoiceField):
    def validate(self, value):

I’d like to know your use case, because I really can’t think of any reason why you would need this.

Edit: to test, make a form:

class TestForm(forms.Form):
    choice = ChoiceFieldNoValidation(choices=[('one', 'One'), ('two', 'Two')])

Provide “invalid” data, and see if the form is still valid:

form = TestForm({'choice': 'not-a-valid-choice'})
form.is_valid()  # True


Best way to do this from the looks of it is create a forms.Charfield and use a forms.Select widget. Here is an example:

from django import forms

class PurchaserChoiceForm(forms.ModelForm):
    floor = forms.CharField(required=False, widget=forms.Select(choices=[]))

    class Meta:
        model = PurchaserChoice
        fields = ['model', ]

For some reason overwriting the validator alone did not do the trick for me.



As another option, you could write your own validator

from django.core.exceptions import ValidationError

def validate_all_choices(value):
    # here have your custom logic

and then in your form

class MyForm(forms.Form):
    my_field = forms.ChoiceField(validators=[validate_all_choices])

Edit: another option could be defining the field as a CharField but then render it manually in the template as a select with your choices. This way, it can accept everything without needing a custom validator

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