[Fixed]-Django: How to access the display value of a ChoiceField in template given the actual value and the choices?


I doubt that it can be done without custom template tag or filter.
Custom template filter could look:

def selected_choice(form, field_name):
    return dict(form.fields[field_name].choices)[form.data[field_name]]


Use the get_FOO_display property.

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Should work according to this changeset


Check this link – https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/ref/models/instances/#django.db.models.Model.get_FOO_display

You can use this function which will return the display name – ObjectName.get_FieldName_display()

Replace ObjectName with your class name and FieldName with the field of which you need to fetch the display name of.



I have a contact form using the FormView class-based view. The contact form has some ChoiceField fields. I’m not storing the submissions in the database; just emailing them to the site owner. This is what I ended up doing:

def form_valid(self, form):
    for field in form.fields:
        if hasattr(form[field].field, 'choices'):
            form.cleaned_data[field + '_value'] = dict(form[field].field.choices)[form.cleaned_data[field]]



If you use {{ form.instance.field }} in the form template, it should display the selected choice display name



After not being able to use get_FOO_display due to using the ‘union’ method (As it returns a dictionary, not a list of objects). I wrote a quick template tag to convert the field display.

def tag_get_display(obj):
        Returns the display of the field when unable to access get_foo_display.

    return CHOICES_LIST[obj][1]

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