[Solved]-Django how to assert url pattern resolves to correct class based view function


Resolve will return the function that is returned when calling HomePage.as_view(), and not an object of that type. However, from a quick test there may be a way that you could write this test:

self.assertEquals(found.func.func_name, HomePage.__name__)

Note that here we specify HomePage.__name__ instead of 'HomePage' because this will get picked up if the name of the class is changed using refactoring tools.

The downside of this is, should you have wired up a view class with the same name but from a different module, this unit test would not fail. Of course this is more of a risk with a generic view class name such as HomePage but should be less of a risk with other view classes.


Django’s View.as_view() creates a function with a view_class attribute which points to the class-based view. So use:

self.assertEquals(found.func.view_class, HomePage)

Avoids the problem of two class-based views in different modules with the same name.


May be it’s an old question, but in django>=1.8 assertion like

self.assertEquals(found.func.func_name, HomePage.__name__)

AttributeError: ‘function’ object has no attribute ‘func_name’ so I changed it to

self.assertEqual(found.func.__name__, HomePage.__name__)


I did it another way because Valentjedi did not work for me;
I did .:

class HomePageTest(TestCase):
    def test_root_url_resolves_to_home_page_view(self):
        found = resolve('/')
        self.assertEqual(found.view_name, "home")

Hope it helps

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