[Fixed]-Django Invalid JSON Response


The json.dumps function is meant to convert certain Python objects to a a JSON string. But you are already serializing your model instances (via QuerySets) to JSON strings, and json.dumps is trying to convert these strings into JSON all over again–it only knows that you’ve passed it str objects, not that these str objects represents JSON.

The JSON encoder used by json.dumps only knows how to convert a handful of built-in types:

So what you need to do is convert your model instances to one of these types. The easiest solution would be to use django.forms.models.model_to_dict on each element of your QuerySets, like so:

from django.forms.models import model_to_dict
response = json.dumps({
   'candidate': [model_to_dict(x) for x in obj],
   'CandidateEducationProfile': [model_to_dict(x) for x in ce],

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