[Fixed]-Django: Make JS source maps compatible with staticfiles filename hashing


it does not really matter, since the original files are being kept. So if your file points to a map without a hash it should be served by Django. Of course you need to be careful with long term expiration headers. Should you be using whitenoise are are fine, since they handle expiration properly and long term expiration headers are only set on hashed files.



I see two options available to you. It’s not clear where exactly the cache busting suffix gets added to your files, but at that point you could:

  • Use some string processing, to manipulate the assets and set their sourceMapUrl with a url that is generated by your system and includes the expected suffix //# sourceMappingURL=/path/to/file.js.<suffix>.map. This could be a simple bash command in a gulp step (if that’s where it happens)

  • Alternatively, browsers will also accept an http header SourceMap: /path/to/file.js.map which you could instruct your asset server to set for files with headers. This may be more difficult depending on your infrastructure.

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