[Fixed]-Django pagination and RawQuerySet


I managed to achieve it using the following:

paginator = Paginator(files, 12)
paginator._count = len(list(files))

The code in django.core.paginator.py:

  • checks for whether _count is set
  • if not then tries to run .count() which doesn’t exist
  • if not then tries plain len

len on a raw_queryset doesn’t work but converting the actual paginator object to a list works find for me in Django 1.3



You can set the attribute count manually for your RawQuerySet object:

items = Item.objects.raw("select * from appitem_item")

def items_count():
    cursor = connection.cursor()
    cursor.execute("select count(*) from appitem_item")
    row = cursor.fetchone()
    return row[0]

items.count = items_count

for @Rockallite

>>> class A():
...    def b(self):
...        print 'from b'
>>> (A()).b()
from b
>>> def c():
...    print 'from c'
>>> a = A()
>>> a.b = c
>>> a.b()
from c


qs.filter(**pfilter).distinct().extra(select={'test': 'COALESCE(`psearch_program`.`eu_price`, 999999999)'}).extra(order_by=['test'])

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