[Fixed]-Django/Python – Check a date is in current week


Use __range. You’ll need to actually calculate the beginning and end of the week first:

import datetime
date = datetime.date.today()
start_week = date - datetime.timedelta(date.weekday())
end_week = start_week + datetime.timedelta(7)
entries = Entry.objects.filter(created_at__range=[start_week, end_week])


Since Django 1.11, we you can use week Field lookup:


It will give you the week from monday to sunday, according to ISO-8601.

To query for the current week:

from datetime import date
current_week = date.today().isocalendar()[1] 

isocalendar() will return a tuple with 3 items: (ISO year, ISO week number, ISO weekday).



Yep, this question is at 2 years ago. Today with more experiences, I recommend using arrow with less pain in handling date time.

Checkout: https://github.com/crsmithdev/arrow

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