[Solved]-Django REST Framework – multiple models / APIs?


I am building a restful API also with Django like you. What I am doing is letting applications be independent like in your last example.

We have a “core” django application, where we have the api_root in the views and a file named “apis_urls.py” where we organize all the URLs from the different apps.

We also have in this “core” app a file “apis_filters.py” where we have the filters that any app with API can use and “apis_permissions.py” to manage the permissions to use the apis and import on the other apps.

So at the end we are working like this:

project root
|-app1 / models.py .... views.py (app1 API), serializers.py, tests.py
|-app2 / models.py .... views.py (app2 API), serializers.py, tests.py
|-app3 / models.py .... views.py (app3 API), serializers.py, tests.py
\- core / views.py (api_root), apis_urls.py,  apis_filters.py,  apis_permissions.py

We make all the tests in their corresponding apps.

And having the apis_urls.py allows us to have all the API URLs like:


In the main urls.py we have:

url(r'^api/v1/', include('core.apis_urls', namespace='api')),

And on the core app, on the “apis_urls.py”:

urlpatterns = patterns(
    ####### Users Urls
    url(r'^users/$', users_views.UserListAPIView.as_view(), name='users-list-api'),
    url(r'^me/$', users_views.LoggedUserRetrieveUpdateAPIView.as_view(), name='logged-user-detail-api'),
    url(r'^users/(?P<username>[\w.@+-]+)/$', users_views.UserRetrieveAPIView.as_view(), name='users-detail-api'),

    ####### Comments Urls
    url(r'^comments/(?P<pk>[0-9]+)$', comments_api_views.CommentCreateAPIView.as_view(), name='comments-create-api'),

I hope this help, is the way I found it more organize.

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