[Solved]-Django reversion does not save revisions made in shell


I wrote django-reversion, so I think I can shed some light on this issue.

A Version of a model is automatically saved when a model is saved, providing the following are true:

  1. The model is registered with django-reversion.
  2. The code block is marked up as being within a revision.

Point 1 can be achieved by either registering a model with VersionAdmin, or explicitly calling reversion.register() in your models.py file.

Point 2 can be achieved by using RevisionMiddleware, or the reversion.create_revision() decorator or context manager. Any admin views in VersionAdmin also save a revision.

So, if your shell is not creating Versions, then either point 1 or point 2 is not being met. Here’s how to fix it:

  1. If you’re using VersionAdmin, import the relevant admin module in your shell code to kick in the auto-registration. Alternatively, call reversion.register() in your models.py file.
  2. In your shell code, using the reversion.create_revision() context manager around your call to save.
with reversion.create_revision():

More about this sort of thing on the Low Level API wiki page:



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