[Django]-Django SAAS projects


If you want the apps to interact in any way (e,g, share user accounts), they need to be on the same database. Until Alex Gaynor’s great work on multiple database support gets merged into trunk, Django doesn’t support multiple databases.

Along the same lines, Django’s sites framework may be of interest to you. Without any more information about your intentions, it’s difficult to give any better advice.



If you have a few big clients, giving each their own database and Django instance might make sense. Especially if you need to do customisations for them.

For a SaaS app where there are potentially lots of clients with “create your own” setup and self-service admin, you probably want one database and add subdomain support in the Django app.

Here’s some good tips and code on how we did it: Handling Subdomains in Django.


There’s an open source project claiming to handle a lot of the infrastructure for a basic 37Signals-like Saas site: http://github.com/saas-kit/django-saas-kit

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