[Solved]-Django serialize multiple objects in one call



As it is currently writen, using a SerializerMethodField, you are making N+1 queries. I have covered this a few times on Stack Overflow for optimizing the database queries and in general, it’s similar to how you would improve the performance in Django. You are dealing with a one-to-many relationship, which can be optimized the same way as many-to-many relationships with prefetch_related.

class HouseSerializer(serializers.ModelSerializer)
    rooms = RoomSerializer(read_only=True, source="room_set", many=True)

    class Meta:
        model = House
        fields = ('id', 'name', 'address', )

The change I made uses nested serializers instead of manually generating the serializer within a SerializerMethodField. I had restricted it to be read_only, as you mentioned you only need it for GET requests and writable serializers have problems in Django REST Framework 2.4.

As your reverse relationship for the Room -> House relationship has not been set, it is the default room_set. You can (and should) override this by setting the related_name on the ForeignKey field, and you would need to adjust the source accordingly.

In order to prevent the N+1 query issue, you will need to override the queryset on your view. In the case of a generic view, this would be done on the queryset attribute or within the get_queryset method like queyset = House.objects.prefetch_related('room_set'). This will request all of the related rooms alongisde the request for the House object, so instead of N+1 requests you will only have two requests.

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