[Fixed]-Django – specify database for TestCase fixtures


There is actually a bug in Django that causes it to ignore the name-based db-specific pointers if you specify the entire fixture name.

so if you do fixtures = ["mydata.default.yaml", "mydata.myotherdatabase.yaml"]

It will load both fixtures into the default database.

But if you do fixtures = ['mydata']

It will load correctly. This is also true for dbengine specific filenames (e.g. mydata.default.postgresql.sql) as well.


Fixtures are targeted at specific databases by filename. This is true in TestCase instances as well, as they just call the loaddata command.

See https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/ref/django-admin/#database-specific-fixtures



If you have a multi-db setup with models exclusive to each database. You need to save a fixture file for each database (with the non-applicable database files being empty).

If your code defines fixtures = ["sample"] and you have two databases default and other.

You need two files: sample.default.json and sample.other.json. If sample contains only models from db default, sample.other.json will be an empty file ([]) and vice-versa.

Tried with Django 3.2


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