[Fixed]-Django SSL redirection on Heroku: 'Too many redirects'


Django modifies the format of the header, so “X-Forwarded-Proto” becomes “HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO”, so you should replace 'X-Forwarded-Proto' with 'HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO' in your example.

From the Django documentation:

Note that the header needs to be in the format as used by request.META – all caps and likely starting with HTTP_. (Remember, Django automatically adds ‘HTTP_’ to the start of x-header names before making the header available in request.META.)

There is also an example for this exact header.

Set a tuple with two elements – the name of the header to look for and the required value. For example:


This tells Django to trust the X-Forwarded-Proto header that comes from our proxy, and any time its value is ‘https’, then the request is guaranteed to be secure (i.e., it originally came in via HTTPS).


As I understand ‘Cloudflare’, is that it uses proxies for making your website faster. In combination with heroku it will lead in ‘Too many redirects’ if the proxy is enabled.

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Make sure the cloud in Cloudflare DNS is not set to orange and will not use a proxy before your server.

You can set up SSL in heroku see:


There is note in the Django documentation for SECURE_SSL_REDIRECT stating that:

If turning this to True causes infinite redirects, it probably means your site is running behind a proxy and can’t tell which requests are secure and which are not. Your proxy likely sets a header to indicate secure requests; you can correct the problem by finding out what that header is and configuring the SECURE_PROXY_SSL_HEADER setting accordingly.


After trying multiple approaches with this and always getting a “Too Many Redirects” error, I simply decided to do all the redirect from CloudFlare and remove it from my Django App.

Here is the documentation.

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