[Solved]-Django superuser doesn't have permission to delete models


For anyone else who stumbles across this problem, dirkgroten was right and it turns out the has_delete_permission was overridden! Thanks for your help dirkgroten!


OPENEDX If You are facing This issue then do this thing from the backend.

Cannot delete user
Deleting the selected user would result in deleting related objects, but your account doesn’t have permission to delete the following types of objects:
course enrollment

Open Mysql In EDX server like AWS
get user id based on username
then student_courseenrollment delete from this user


select id from auth_user where username = 'exampleusername'

delete from student_courseenrollment where user_id = get user_id from 1 query set;

like delete from student_courseenrollment where user_id = 123;

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