[Fixed]-Django-tagging or django-taggit, or something else?


It’s worth referring to djangopackages for these sorts of questions; http://djangopackages.com/grids/g/tagging/

You can see that you mentioned the two most popular with the others being hardly counted.

Personally I choose django-taggit. It’s simpler, maintained by Django core devs and it has more recently been updated. It’s also reassuring that the tox.ini in the django-taggit repository shows its tested against all the relevant python versions.

For me, django-tagging was bloated with more features than I would need but I understand they could be useful in some casses.



if tag cloud is what you concern, you can try django-taggit combined with django-taggit-templatetags. follow the instruction in the document in the second link, it’s easy to implement your own tag cloud with few lines of template. hope this helps.


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