[Fixed]-Django testing how to assert Redirect


I’ve found more examples there:

Django : Testing if the page has redirected to the desired url


and this worked:

class Cas(TestCase):

    def setUp(self):
        call_command('loaddata', 'fixture_users.json', verbosity=1)
        call_command('loaddata', 'xxx_tests_xxxx.yaml', 

    def test_dossier_duplicate(self) :
        request = self.client.get('/dossier/3/copier/', follow = True)
        request.user = User.objects.get(id=3)
        pk = 3
        response = dossier_duplicate(request, pk)
        response.client = Client()
        response.client.login(username='xxxx', password='xxxxx')

        self.assertRedirects(response, '/mes_dossiers/', status_code=302, 
        target_status_code=200, fetch_redirect_response=True)


I reach this question via google and I have a similar issue with testing redirect.

But my Django is v2.2 and the accepted answer cites a v1.7 which is no longer supported

I then google some more and found this code block at https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/2.2/topics/testing/tools/#django.test.SimpleTestCase.settings

from django.test import TestCase

class LoginTestCase(TestCase):

    def test_login(self):

        # First check for the default behavior
        response = self.client.get('/sekrit/')
        self.assertRedirects(response, '/accounts/login/?next=/sekrit/')

I modified for my own use which works.

For the OP case, this is how I believe should work if the OP uses 2.2

def test_dossier_duplicate(self) :
    response = self.client.get('/dossier/3/copier/')
    self.assertRedirects(response, '/mes_dossiers/')

I am leaving this here. In case future readers have a similar question but have it for Django v2.2


To test redirects you should use the test client instead of RequestFactory.

The API for the RequestFactory is a slightly restricted subset of the
test client API:

  • It only has access to the HTTP methods get(), post(), put(), delete(),
    head(), options(), and trace().

  • These methods accept all the same
    arguments except for follows. Since this is just a factory for
    producing requests, it’s up to you to handle the response.


Try changing self.factory.get to self.client.get

    response = self.client.get('/dossier/3/copier/', follow = True)

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