[Solved]-Django-way of specifying channel image in rss feed



Found the right way of doing it. As the documentation describes, I needed to create a custom feed generator by subclassing from Rss201rev2Feed and overriding method


like this:

class RssFooFeedGenerator(Rss201rev2Feed):
    def add_root_elements(self, handler):
        super(RssFooFeedGenerator, self).add_root_elements(handler)
        handler.addQuickElement(u"image", '',
                 'url': u"http://www.example.com/images/logo.jpg",
                 'title': u"Some title",
                 'link': u"http://www.example.com/", 

class RssFooFeed(Feed):
    feed_type = RssFooFeedGenerator
    title = u"Foo items"
    link = u"http://www.example.com/"
    description = u"Some description"


For valid RSS 2.0 you shoud use this:

class ImageRssFeedGenerator(Rss201rev2Feed):
    def add_root_elements(self, handler):
        super(ImageRssFeedGenerator, self).add_root_elements(handler)
        handler.startElement(u'image', {})
        handler.addQuickElement(u"url", self.feed['image_url'])
        handler.addQuickElement(u"title", self.feed['title'])
        handler.addQuickElement(u"link", self.feed['link'])

class LastPublishedPromiseFeed(Feed):
    link = 'http://www.example.com'
    feed_type = ImageRssFeedGenerator

    def feed_extra_kwargs(self, obj):
        return {'image_url': self.link + '/image.jpg'}


I suggesting to use django-atompub for Atom feed generation.
It has very nice Class abstraction with lots of options, so no any XML hacking, high-level Python code only.


# Define feed class
class StreamFeed(Feed):
    ... [snipped]
    def item_links(self, item):
        return [{'rel': 'enclosure', 'href': item.file.url, 'length': item.file.size, 'type': item.mime.name},
        {'rel': 'alternate', 'href': full_url(item.get_absolute_url())}]

I used it in my open source photoblog django app. You can see examples via bitbucket repo.

Complete feed generation code.


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