[Fixed]-Django Widget Media doesn't work


Are you actually including the form media in your template anywhere?

{% block extrahead %}
  {{ form.media }}
{% endblock %}


Paths in “class Media” are automatically prepended with settings.MEDIA_URL. So try like this:

class Media:
    js = ('js/rating.js',)
    css = {'screen': ('css/rating.css',),}

If it will not work, I suggest using FireBug or something like it and checking if browser is able to load css and javascript.

Based on comment:
It appears, that you are not loading your form media at all. Try adding in the template:

{{ my_form.media }}

in {% block subheader %} (or wherever you are loading scripts and css), where “my_form” is the name of your form instance, created in the view.


Minor optimization: You don’t need to prepend settings.MEDIA_URL to your paths, it’s done automatically when it’s printed out.

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