[Fixed]-Django with NoSQL database


NoSQL databases are not officially supported by Django itself. There are, however, a number of side project and forks which allow NoSQL functionality in Django, like Django non-rel.

You can also take a look on the wiki page which discusses some alternatives.

This is quoted from the django official documentation


Here is an interesting repo for allowing using MongoDB as your django backend. It works by compiling SQL commands into MongoDB document queries.

Most of the basic stuff like django admin, django session etc all work.




Years after (2022), djongo is still the only option which works fine with Django 3.0.x as well (with some constraint restrictions) in NoSQL environment.

But now that Django’s 4.0.1 major release is in the air, djongo’s latest 1.3.6 (released in June 2021 according to pypi) is beginning to break. In my experience with Django==4.0.4 and djongo==1.3.6 together, almost none of the select/update queries work, and SQLDecodeError exceptions lay around in console.

djongo maintainer(s) have created paid subscription plans as well, but I have not been their customer like that so can’t comment anything about the commercialized version of djongo. Rest, the open-sourced AGPL licensed djongo is the only best option for unpaying developers to use Django with MongoDB, given that the developer restricts themselves to Django 3.0.x.

I’ve been using Django==3.0.5 with djongo==1.3.6, to be specific here, which works fine in most of the circumstances.

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