Flutter json stringify

To stringify a JSON object in Flutter, you can make use of the `jsonEncode` function from the `dart:convert` package. This function converts the given JSON object to its corresponding string representation. Here’s an example:

        import 'dart:convert';

        void main() {
            Map<String, dynamic> jsonMap = {
                'name': 'John Doe',
                'age': 30,
                'email': 'johndoe@example.com'

            String jsonString = jsonEncode(jsonMap);

        // Output: {"name":"John Doe","age":30,"email":"johndoe@example.com"}

In the example above, we have a JSON object `jsonMap` with three key-value pairs: ‘name’, ‘age’, and ’email’. We use the `jsonEncode` function to convert it into a string representation, which is stored in the `jsonString` variable. Finally, we print the string representation using the `print` statement.

Make sure to import the `dart:convert` package before using the `jsonEncode` function. This package provides various encoding and decoding functions for different data formats.

Hope this helps!

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