Flutter_tools/gradle/flutter.gradle’ line: 1201

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Explanation for the query: flutter_tools/gradle/flutter.gradle line 1201

The error you are encountering is related to a specific line (line 1201) in the flutter.gradle file within the flutter_tools/gradle directory. This error typically indicates a problem with the configuration or syntax in that particular line of code.

To better understand and resolve this error, it would be helpful to provide the exact error message or code snippet at line 1201. Without that information, it’s challenging to provide a specific solution. However, I can provide a general explanation and example to guide you in resolving similar issues.

Possible reasons for the error:

  • Invalid syntax: Check for any syntax errors, missing brackets, or semicolons on line 1201.
  • Missing dependencies: Ensure that all required dependencies are properly imported or included in the flutter.gradle file.
  • Compatibility issues: Verify that the version of Flutter or related frameworks being used is compatible with the code at line 1201.


Consider a scenario where line 1201 in flutter.gradle has the following code snippet:

    def myFunction() {
      // Some code here

In this example, let’s assume that an error message points to a missing bracket or an unrecognized keyword on line 1201. To resolve this, ensure that the code segment is correctly formatted with the necessary syntax. For instance, if a closing bracket is missing at the end of the function, the corrected code would look like this:

    def myFunction() {
      // Some code here

By locating and fixing the issue in a similar manner, you should be able to resolve the error on line 1201 in the flutter.gradle file.


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