[Solved]-Generate update query using django orm


Both the previous answerers have part of the solution: you should use update in conjunction with F():

Model.objects.filter(id=id).update(field=F('field') +1))

Note this does an in-place UPDATE without any need for SELECT at all.


You can use update, details can be found in the documentation



for django v 2.2 (and maybe 3+) SQL statement compilation function could be:

from django.db.models.sql.subqueries import UpdateQuery

def compile_update_query(query_set, update_kwargs):
    query = query_set.query.chain(UpdateQuery)
    return str(query)

where query_set is MyShinyModel.objects.filter(id=42) and update_kwargs is a dictionary of model fields to update


If you need to convert the UPDATE ORM query to UPDATE SQL statement without performing it

The update() method is applied instantly and returns the number of rows matched by the query (django 1.8 docs)

def generate_update_sql(queryset, update_kwargs):
    """  [checked on django 1.8]
    Converts queryset with update_kwargs
    like if was: queryset.update(**update_kwargs)
    from django.db.models import sql

    query = queryset.query.clone(sql.UpdateQuery)
    compiler = query.get_compiler(queryset.db)
    sql, params = compiler.as_sql()
    return sql % params


qs = Event.objects.exclude(app='some')
update_kwargs = dict(description='test', action='action')
generate_update_sql(qs, update_kwargs) 

Will return

UPDATE `api_event` SET `description` = test, `action` = action WHERE NOT (`api_event`.`app` = some)

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