[Fixed]-Getting scrapy project settings when script is outside of root directory


Thanks to some of the answers already provided here, I realised scrapy wasn’t actually importing the settings.py file. This is how I fixed it.

TLDR: Make sure you set the ‘SCRAPY_SETTINGS_MODULE’ variable to your actual settings.py file. I’m doing this in the __init__() func of Scraper.

Consider a project with the following structure.

    main.py                 # Where we are running scrapy from
        run_scraper.py               #Call from main goes here
        scrapy.cfg                   # deploy configuration file
        scraper/                     # project's Python module, you'll import your code from here
            items.py                 # project items definition file
            pipelines.py             # project pipelines file
            settings.py              # project settings file
            spiders/                 # a directory where you'll later put your spiders
                quotes_spider.py     # Contains the QuotesSpider class

Basically, the command
scrapy startproject scraper was executed in the my_project folder, I’ve added a run_scraper.py file to the outer scraper folder, a main.py file to my root folder, and quotes_spider.py to the spiders folder.

My main file:

from scraper.run_scraper import Scraper
scraper = Scraper()

My run_scraper.py file:

from scraper.scraper.spiders.quotes_spider import QuotesSpider
from scrapy.crawler import CrawlerProcess
from scrapy.utils.project import get_project_settings
import os

class Scraper:
    def __init__(self):
        settings_file_path = 'scraper.scraper.settings' # The path seen from root, ie. from main.py
        os.environ.setdefault('SCRAPY_SETTINGS_MODULE', settings_file_path)
        self.process = CrawlerProcess(get_project_settings())
        self.spider = QuotesSpider # The spider you want to crawl

    def run_spiders(self):
        self.process.start()  # the script will block here until the crawling is finished

Also, note that the settings might require a look-over, since the path needs to be according to the root folder (my_project, not scraper).
So in my case:

SPIDER_MODULES = ['scraper.scraper.spiders']
NEWSPIDER_MODULE = 'scraper.scraper.spiders'

And repeat for all the settings variables you have!



It should work , can you share your scrapy log file

your approach will not work
because …when you execute the script..it will look for your default settings in

  1. if you have set the environment variable ENVVAR
  2. if you have scrapy.cfg file in you present directory from where you are executing your script and if that file points to valid settings.py directory ,it will load those settings…
  3. else it will run with vanilla settings provided by scrapy ( your case)

Solution 1
create a cfg file inside the directory (outside folder) and give it a path to the valid settings.py file

Solution 2
make your parent directory package , so that absolute path will not be required and you can use relative path

i.e python -m cron.project1

Solution 3

Also you can try something like

Let it be where it is , inside the project directory..where it is working…

Create a sh file…

  • Line 1: Cd to first projects location ( root directory)
  • Line 2 : Python script1.py
  • Line 3. Cd to second projects location
  • Line 4: python script2.py

Now you can execute spiders via this sh file when requested by django


I have used this code to solve the problem:

from scrapy.settings import Settings

settings = Settings()

settings_module_path = os.environ.get('SCRAPY_ENV', 'project.settings.dev')   
settings.setmodule(settings_module_path, priority='project')



this could happen because you are no longer “inside” a scrapy project, so it doesn’t know how to get the settings with get_project_settings().

You can also specify the settings as a dictionary as the example here:




I used the OS module for this problem.
The python file you are running is in one directory and your scrapy project is in a different directory. You can not simply just import the python spider and run on this python script because the current directory you are working in does not have the settings.py file or the scrapy.cfg.

import os

To show the current directory you are working in use the following code:


From here you are going to want to change the current directory:


Lastly, tell os which command to execute.



This is an addition to the answer of malla.

You can configure the settings, pipelines, spiders, etc modules variable. You dont need to pass them as strings. The big advantage is that you can run that spider from different places and you dont need to adjust the strings in the settings. You can do both: run from script (from anywhere, even from multiple different roots) and run with scrapy crawl without adjusting:

from ticket_city_scraper.ticket_city_scraper import settings # your setting module

def run_spider():
    os.environ.setdefault('SCRAPY_SETTINGS_MODULE', settings.__name__)
    process = CrawlerProcess(get_project_settings())

You can make the setting itself variable:

from . import spiders # your spiders module
from . import pipelines # your pipelines module

def get_full_package_name_for_class(clazz) -> str:
    return ".".join([clazz.__module__, clazz.__name__])

SPIDER_MODULES = [spiders.__name__] 
NEWSPIDER_MODULE = spiders.__name__

    get_full_package_name_for_class(pipelines.YourScrapyPipeline): 300

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