[Solved]-Google App Engine and Cloud SQL: Lost connection to MySQL server at 'reading initial communication packet'


I had a similar issue and ended up contacting Google for help. They explained it happens when they need to restart or move an instance. If the client instance restarted or was moved to another host server (for various versions) the IP’s won’t match and throw that error. They mentioned that the servers may restart for patches, errors and slow downs causing a similar behavior (be it the same error or similar). The server also moves to try and be closer to the instances to increase response times. If you send a request during the move it will throw errors.

They told me I need to code in retry catches incase that happens, similar to how you handle datastore timeouts. Keeping in mind to build in back off mechanics, sending too many request too quickly after a restart could cause a crash.

How often does this happen?



In our case we had renamed the instances incorrectly inside the code. When we changed back to the correct names everything worked fine. Make sure your Cloud SQL instance is named correctly both inside the Google Cloud Console and within the code you use to access it, and make sure that your Cloud SQL instance allows your Google App Engine instance to connect to it it’s Access control.


In my case the issue was caused my expired server SSL certificate on the CloudSQL instance. Strangely it was not shown in the Google Cloud Console and figured it out after downloading the certificate and decoding it with openssl (openssl x509 -in server-ca.pem -text -noout).

I was able to figure out cause of the problem after trying to connect with cloud_sql_proxy; luckily it gave more meaningful error message couldn't connect to "...": x509: certificate has expired or is not yet valid.

Connection from AppEngine Standard application started to work immediately after reseting SSL configuration from Google Cloud Console. I noticed that after reset validity date appeared on the console.



I had this problem too using Django 1.10 and GAE. The application worked fine locally (connecting the cloud sql via cloud_sql_proxy), but I’d get the 38 error when using the GAE instance of the application.

My problem turned out to be my database user. The user had a hyphen in it. Once I created a new user without a hyphen and changed my application to use the new user, the GAE instance of the application worked if

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