[Solved]-How can I do a fuzzy search using django-haystack and the elasticsearch backend?


No need to fork Haystack, you can update that method in your own backend (for more details, see Stretching Haystack’s ElasticSearch Backend). The build_search_kwargs method returns a dictionary so you can just modify the original return value.

Disclaimer: this code is just an example of how you could update your own backend, not how to implement fuzzy search.

class FuzzyBackend(ElasticsearchSearchBackend):
    def build_search_kwargs(self, query_string, **kwargs):
        fuzzy = kwargs.pop('fuzzy', False)
        fuzzy_field = kwargs.pop('min_similarity', '')
        search_kwargs = super(FuzzyBackend, self).build_search_kwargs(
                query_string, kwargs)
        if fuzzy:
            search_kwargs = {'fuzzy': {fuzzy_field: query_string}}
        return search_kwargs

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