[Solved]-How can I see the Django development server in VMWare?


  • In VMWare, set the network of the VM to “Connect directly to the
    physical network (Bridged)”, rather than “Share this Mac’s network
    connection (NAT)”
  • Find the IP address of the Mac itself on the
    network the Mac itself is on (not the private network VMWare sets
    up). This can be found using ifconfig, or in System
    Preferences > Network. Let’s say it’s
  • Start the Django development server on that IP
    address: python manage.py runserver
  • In VMWare, connect to the Django site at



python manage.py runserver


I got it working one time with a Django Development Server running inside a Ubuntu 11.04 VM.

I was able to access the development server outside that VM on Windows 7 by setting the ip in python manage.py runserver (local ip of the OS X machine here, not localhost):8000 to the same ip as the computer it was running on, in your case, the OS X.

My VM was set up to have its own IP address different from that of the host.

Since it’s just the other way around, I would suspect your set-up should work too.

Perhaps you should check whether the VM can ping the OS X computer and vice versa or if their IP’s are unique.

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