[Fixed]-How do I debug properly using Eclipse and Pydev?


--noreload option is crucial, otherwise server will fork and your breakpoint won’t trigger.


Ordinarily you wouldn’t have to select manage.py and hit debug. From your description it sounds like you may not have set up the Django launch params in the Run/Debug settings panel.

Here are some step by step instructions:




The important part is adding the entry to the Run/Debug settings. When it’s time to debug, set the breakpoint, on the Eclipse toolbar click on the Debug button’s drop-down arrow and select the Django project you’ve defined. Then from a browser window go to your Django server’s URL. Eclipse should stop at the breakpoint.



Ok I think I found what my problem was. I had to set the breakpoint on the def statement in views.py instead of the statements after it.


If you’re debugging the Django runserver, make certain you specify the --noreload command line parameter. Otherwise the debugger ends up looking at the wrong python instance and never trips any breakpoints.

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