[Solved]-How do I make a Django ModelForm menu item selected by default?


If you need a blank form with a default value selected, then pass an ‘initial’ dictionary to the constructor of your model form using the name of your field as the key:

form = MyModelForm (initial={'gender':'M'})


You can override certain attributes of a ModelForm using the declarative nature of the Forms API. However, this is probably a little cumbersome for this use case and I mention it only to show you that you can do it. You may find other uses for this in the future.

class MyModelForm (forms.ModelForm):
    gender = forms.ChoiceField (choices=..., initial='M', ...)
    class Meta:


If you want a ModelForm that is bound to a particular instance of your model, you can pass an ‘instance’ of your model which causes Django to pull the selected value from that model.

form = MyModelForm (instance=someinst)


Surely default will do the trick?


gender = models.CharField(max_length=1, choices=GENDER_CHOICES, default='M', null=True)

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