[Solved]-How do you make a choices field in django with an editable "other" option?



One way to do this would be to use a custom ModelForm for admin. This form can have two fields – one that accepts a set of predefined choices and another one that accepts arbitrary values. In the clean() method you can ensure that only one of these has been selected.

If you are particular about how the UI should look – say, radio buttons that allow you to choose either a pre-defined value xor enter a custom value, then you may have to come up with your own custom field.


I quick solution I used:

  • used standard ModelChoice Fields
  • custom Form, which added a regular Input Field for every ModelChoice Field
  • custom JQuery which showed the regular Input Field only, when the last choice is selected
  • in the View, when I got POST data I parsed the POST array and created the Models
πŸ‘€Andre Bossard

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