[Fixed]-How to add button to "submit_row" context in django



From what I can tell, there are two relevant files. The first is


which has the following section:

@register.inclusion_tag('admin/submit_line.html', takes_context=True)
def submit_row(context):
    Displays the row of buttons for delete and save.
    opts = context['opts']
    change = context['change']
    is_popup = context['is_popup']
    save_as = context['save_as']
    return {
        'onclick_attrib': (opts.get_ordered_objects() and change
                            and 'onclick="submitOrderForm();"' or ''),
        'show_delete_link': (not is_popup and context['has_delete_permission']
                              and (change or context['show_delete'])),
        'show_save_as_new': not is_popup and change and save_as,
        'show_save_and_add_another': context['has_add_permission'] and
                            not is_popup and (not save_as or context['add']),
        'show_save_and_continue': not is_popup and context['has_change_permission'],
        'is_popup': is_popup,
        'show_save': True

And the second is


which is the following:

{% load i18n %}
<div class="submit-row">
{% if show_save %}<input type="submit" value="{% trans 'Save' %}" class="default" name="_save" {{ onclick_attrib }}/>{% endif %}
{% if show_delete_link %}<p class="deletelink-box"><a href="delete/" class="deletelink">{% trans "Delete" %}</a></p>{% endif %}
{% if show_save_as_new %}<input type="submit" value="{% trans 'Save as new' %}" name="_saveasnew" {{ onclick_attrib }}/>{%endif%}
{% if show_save_and_add_another %}<input type="submit" value="{% trans 'Save and add another' %}" name="_addanother" {{ onclick_attrib }} />{% endif %}
{% if show_save_and_continue %}<input type="submit" value="{% trans 'Save and continue editing' %}" name="_continue" {{ onclick_attrib }}/>{% endif %}

You can probably just add some custom html to the second file to display new buttons.

πŸ‘€Dan Russell


Override the block tag submit_buttons_bottom in change_form.html


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