[Fixed]-How to avoid n+1 select in Django?


For ForeignKey, you can use select_related():


It will generate one query only, gathering comments for you as well as videos.

For something more complex (such as M2M), you need an external app such as unjoinify to make optimizations but it uses SQL queries to then put them back in objects.

If you are unconfortable with this (I am), you have some alternatives:


What you need to do is use the select_related on the Comment.

Lets say you need to find the all the videos whose title starts with ‘The’ and the comments related to it

comments = Comment.objects.filter(video__title__starts_with='The')

This will load all the comments and the appropriate Video object for that comment. You will still need to pivot over the Video to iterate over the videos. Use the python itertools.groupby function to do that pivoting in memory.


See if select related works the way you expect it to, it was made just for that.



As I don’t have enough reputations to comment, (lost all my previous reputation out of a joke of a fiend ahah). I will just advise people reading the solutions to be careful when using select_related because it loads all your data in the memory, and I you don’t have enough memory, it can break your app, so be careful using it

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