[Fixed]-How to create a autocomplete input field in a form using Django



I finally got the autocomplete search working using the instructions found here


It is very simple to use and does not need to install any app in settings.py and it works for both bootstrap 3 and bootstrap 4

There are lot of other packages available but this was simple and easy for my need.

I am going to explain the code I used


{% block script %}
    <script src="https://cdn.rawgit.com/xcash/bootstrap-autocomplete/3de7ad37/dist/latest/bootstrap-autocomplete.js"></script>
            {minLength: 1}
        $('.dropdown-menu').css({'top': 'auto', 'left': 'auto'})

{% endblock %}
{% if field.name == "from_email" %}
   {% render_field field class="basicAutoComplete form-control" %}
{% else %}
   {% render_field field class="form-control" %}
{% endif %}

autoComplete is the function called to perform the action and minLength specifies the minimum length of the text before performing the fetch action
I added an extra CSS to fix the autocomplete dropdown otherwise it was weird.

The Jinja render kept overwriting the class definition from views so I added an if check for it.


from . import views

urlpatterns = [
    path('email_autocomplete/', views.email_autocomplete, name='email_autocomplete')

Added this line to urls.py


class LeaveForm(forms.Form):
    from_email = forms.EmailField(required=True, widget=forms.TextInput(
            'style': 'width: 400px',
            'class': 'basicAutoComplete',
            'data-url': "/domain/email_autocomplete/"

The above is the code for the input field in forms.py. data-url points to where the JSON result would be generated.


from django.http import HttpResponse, HttpResponseRedirect, JsonResponse
from .models import model
def email_autocomplete(request):
    if request.GET.get('q'):
        q = request.GET['q']
        data = model.objects.using('legacy').filter(email__startswith=q).values_list('email',flat=True)
        json = list(data)
        return JsonResponse(json, safe=False)
        HttpResponse("No cookies")

This was the most confusing part for me. The GET request is easy to understand but it took a while to convert the data from model.objects into a JSON formatted object. The trick was to use


when filtering the data from the database, then converting to a list using list(data) and finally use JsonResponse to convert it to JSON.

Hope this will help any one who wants a simple autocomplete


You can consider a different way to get the autocompletion for the input element using the standard HTML tag <datalist>.

Consider the example below. It does not use Javascript and it does not need anything to do in the server code.

<input list="browsers" id="browser_id" name="browser" placeholder="Starting typing the name of the browser" size="50"/>
<datalist id="browsers">
  <option>Internet Explorer</option>
  <option>Microsoft Edge</option>

The documentation about the tag is here – https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTML/Element/datalist



A very little addition.
The answer of Abilash is great and very clear.
But if it doesn’t work for you, may be you should wrapping you basicAutoComplete activation into


The reason and some explanation could be found here :
Bootstrap Auto-complete Error: Cannot read property " " of undefined

πŸ‘€Paul Zakharov

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