[Solved]-How to create a filter form for a (class based) generic object list in Django?



I use the same approach, but generic, using a mixin:

class FilterMixin(object):

    def get_queryset_filters(self):
        filters = {}
        for item in self.allowed_filters:
            if item in self.request.GET:
                 filters[self.allowed_filters[item]] = self.request.GET[item]
        return filters

    def get_queryset(self):
        return super(FilterMixin, self).get_queryset()\

class ImageListView(FilterMixin, ListView):

    allowed_filters = {
        'name': 'name',
        'tag': 'tag__name',

    # no need to override get_queryset

This allows to specify a list of accepted filters, and they don’t need to correspond to the actual .filter() keywords. You can then expand it to support more complex filtering (split by comma when doing an __in or __range filter is an easy example)



Take a look at django-filter it easy solution for filtering data in view

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