[Solved]-How to deploy a WordPress site and Django site on the same domain?



+1 for your question first.

Now, This is really interesting to know how it’s possible in real time execution. I checked with some of my geek friends and I found tremendous response, here are some of suggestion with reference I got after brainstorming with them.

First of all check this link for deploying & running WP altogether with Django on Nginx +uWSGI…

These two threads of support forums from Webfaction.com gives you more idea about how they are recommending it to their client…

Deploying Django and WordPress in same domain

wordpress + django on same account – advisable or not?

Hey, I got one support ref. of Stack Overflow itself, which is explaining how to achieve it on APACHE server…

How do I run Django and PHP together on one Apache server?

And last but not least, the one where a geek like us integrated WP with Django…
Integrate WordPress and Django

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