[Solved]-How to Disable Django / mod_WSGI Page Caching


From my experience with mod_wsgi in Apache, it is highly unlikely that they are causing caching. A couple of things to try:

  1. It is possible that you have some proxy server between your computer and the web server that is appropriately or inappropriately caching pages. Sometimes ISPs run proxy servers to reduce bandwidth outside their network. Can you please provide the HTTP headers for a page that is getting cached (Firebug can give these to you). Headers that I would specifically be interested in include Cache-Control, Expires, Last-Modified, and ETag.
  2. Can you post your MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES from your settings.py file. It possible that you have a Middleware that performs caching for you.
  3. Can you grep your code for the following items “load cache”, “django.core.cache”, and “cache_page”. A *grep -R “search” ** will work.
  4. Does the settings.py (or anything it imports like “from localsettings import *”) include CACHE_BACKEND?
  5. What happens when you restart apache? (e.g. sudo services apache restart). If a restart clears the issue, then it might be apache doing caching (it is possible that this could also clear out a locmen Django cache backend)


Did you specifically setup Django caching? From the docs it seems you would clearly know if Django was caching as it requires work beforehand to get it working. Specifically, you need to define where the cached files are saved.




Are you using a multiprocess configuration for Apache/mod_wsgi? If you are, that will account for why different responses can have a different value for the timer as likely that when timer is initialised will be different for each process handling requests. Thus why it can jump around.

Have a read of:


Work out in what mode or configuration you are running Apache/mod_wsgi and perhaps post what that configuration is. Without knowing, there are too many unknowns.


I just came across this:

Support for Automatic Reloading To help deployment tools you can
activate support for automatic reloading. Whenever something changes
the .wsgi file, mod_wsgi will reload all the daemon processes for us.

For that, just add the following directive to your Directory section:

WSGIScriptReloading On

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