[Solved]-How to fix Error: pg_config executable not found on Elastic Beanstalk permanently


It is trying to do is build the postgres drivers from source.
You can deal with this several different ways. For example, you can choose to install the drivers from a binary package instead of building them from source.

in your requirements.txt, replace




If, you do insist on building it from source when you deploy to Beanstalk, you will need to use platform hooks to pre-install the dependencies that are needed to compile it. The AL2 instances are pretty bare-bone, so you will need to do roughly the following:

  • add directory structure .platform/hooks/prebuild
  • in prebuild, create a script, something like ’10_install_dependencies.sh’
  • at the top of the script you will need #!/usr/bin/sh

Use this script to add needed dependencies. For example, for the posgres development libs you will want

sudo yum install -y <yum-packahe-that-you-need>

You may also end up having to install other development libs needed to build psycopg…

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