[Solved]-How to integrate postgresql 10/11 declarative table partitioning (i.e. PARTITION BY clause) in a Django model?


An approach I suggest trying is to use a SQL capturing schema editor to collect the SQL necessary to perform the create_model. That’s what powers the sqlmigrate feature by the way.

from django.db.migrations import CreateModel

class CreatePartitionedModel(CreateModel):
    def __init__(self, name, fields, partition_sql, **kwargs):
        self.partition_sql = partition_sql
        super().__init__(name, fields, **kwargs)

    def database_forwards(self, app_label, schema_editor, from_state, to_state):
        collector = type(schema_editor)(
            schema_editor.connection, collect_sql=True, atomic=False
        with collector:
                app_label, collector, from_state, to_state
        collected_sql = collector.collected_sql

        model = to_state.apps.get_model(app_label, self.name)
        create_table = 'CREATE TABLE %s' % schema_editor.quote_name(
        for sql in collected_sql:
            if str(sql).startswith(create_table):
                sql = '%s PARTITION BY %s' % (sql.rstrip(';'), self.partition_sql)

From that point you should simply have to replace your makemigrations auto-generated CreateModel with a CreatePartitionedModel operation and make sure to specify partition_sql='RANGE (logdate)'.

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