[Fixed]-How to kill all instance of uwsgi


for me the way to kill uwsgi instances in a bruteforce manner was:

sudo pkill -f uwsgi -9


Add a pidfile to your command:

uwsgi --plugins=python --chdir=/var/www/prjt/src/ --socket= --module=prjt.wsgi:application --pidfile /tmp/myapp.pid

Then use

uwsgi --stop /tmp/myapp.pid

to stop the uwsgi instance in a safe way.

If you didn’t specify a pidfile when you started the first instance, you can kill it brutally using

kill `pidof uwsgi`


you can get the pid of the uwsgi process here lsof -t -i tcp:8000

and kill it then kill -9 pid


I stop my uwsgi instance by command:

kill -INT `cat ${APP_ROOT}/run/uwsgi.pid`

This command sends signal to uwsgi which cause it to stop.

If you do not know PID than you may:

killall -s INT /ve/path/bin/uwsgi

The official documentation


Simliary, I had that issue too.
And I tried all the way(answer) that written in this page.
BUT Nothing was changed.
So I just restart the computer and the problem is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!
Try it!


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