[Fixed]-How to send nested form-data using postman?


Try this:


You can insert it in “bulk-edit” mode.


I found this answer from this problem. Edited as per your code.

Convert your Image Fields to base64Image and send it through the JSON data.

All you need to do is:

  1. go to https://www.base64-image.de/ and convert the image to base64 format. Copy the encoded result.
  2. Install django-extra-fields package in your project from here
  3. In your serializer_class, import and change the image field to Base64ImageField:


from drf_extra_fields.fields import Base64ImageField
  1. Now, go to your postman and send the JSON data like the following. Remember to send that encoded image in your image field in JSON.
        "car_img_1":"<base64 encoded image>",
        "car_img_2":"<base64 encoded image>",
        "car_img_3":"<base64 encoded image>"


You should try in this way (Hint: Watch carefully form-data key names):

enter image description here

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