[Solved]-How to use transactions with Django REST framework?


Use atomic from django.db.transaction as a decorator around a function performing the database operations you are after:

If obj_list contains a list of populated (but not saved) model objects, this will execute all operations as part of one transaction.

def save_multiple_objects(obj_list):
for o in obj_list:

If you want to save multiple objects as part of the same API request, then (for example), if they are all of the same type, then you could POST a list of objects to an API endpoint โ€“ see Django REST framework post array of objects


You can achieve this by using django db transactions. Refer to the code below

from django.db import transaction

with transaction.atomic():
    model_instance = form.save(commit=False)
    model_instance.creator = self.request.user
    model_instance.img_field.field.upload_to = 'directory/'+model_instance.name+'/logo'
    self.object = form.save()

This example is taken from my own answer to this SO post. This way, before calling save() you can save/edit other dependencies


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