[Answered ]-I dont understand request flows


You’re nearly right.

The distinction between GET and POST, however, isn’t anything to do with sensitive information. It’s true that GET data is visible in the URL (after the ?) and POST data isn’t, but that doesn’t make POST any more secure – it’s trivial to get that data if you want to.

In fact the difference is really one of semantics. GET is used when you’re just requesting particular information from the server – for instance, page 2 of a set, or a specific search query. POST is used when you’re updating information – submitting a form to change stored data.

Apart from that, you’re just about there. One thing that will probably help you is to read up on Django’s forms framework, which does a lot of the work in generation and validation of forms for you.


You got one tiny bit of it wrong.

The user sends out a request, which the view function receives, then the view function sends out a response.

And HTTP objects have a lot more information included than just GET and POST variables. See Django’s official documentation for more information about this.


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