[Solved]-Increment a variable in django templates


I don’t think it’s intended you should alter data in your templates. For in your specific case, you could instead use the forloop.counter variable.

For example:

{% for op in options %}
  {{op.choices}}<input type="radio" name="template" id="template{{forloop.counter}}" value="template{{forloop.counter}}"/>
{% endfor %}

Also note that I added that number to the id attributes of the <input /> tag. Otherwise you’ll have multiple inputs with the same id.

EDIT: I didn’t note that it was a radio input. You could of course have the same name for each <input type="radio" />.



You explicitly can’t do that in a template. Variable assignment is not allowed.

However if all you want is a counter in your loop, you just need to use {{ forloop.counter }}.


You might also want to look into having Django forms produce these values


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