[Solved]-JSONField workaround on elasticsearch : MapperParsingException


If the method mentioned in the link you posted works (I haven’t tested it on JSONField), then you’re overriding the wrong method: The method the elasticsearch app uses to prep the field is prepare_FOO where FOO is the field name.

So you need to call your method prepare_web_results() instead of prepare_content_json() since your field is web_results. Now your method prepare_content_json is useless as it will never be called.

If your JSONField has a fixed structure, you should return an object field with the corresponding structure:

class WebTechDoc(Document):

    web_results = fields.ObjectField(properties={
        "url": fields.TextField(),
        "version": fields.TextField(),
        "server": fields.TextField()})

    def prepare_web_results(self, instance):
        results = instance.web_results
        url = results.keys()[0]
        return {
            "url": url,
            "version": results[url]["Version"],
            "server": results[url]["Server"]

Or if you’re less concerned about where exactly the search result comes from, you could just map the dictionary to a string and put it in a TextField() instead of an ObjectField(): return f"{instance.web_results}"


class MyType(DocType):
    content_json = fields.ObjectField()

    def prepare_content_json(self, instance):
        return instance.content_json

This solution is working fine. I tried it myself.



I was using for my application, and it was not indexing the JSONField fields. After reviewing Field classes of django_elasticsearch_dsl.fields I have implemented my own JSONField. The following code is based on your example.

from django_elasticsearch_dsl import Document
from django_elasticsearch_dsl import fields
from django_elasticsearch_dsl.registries import registry

class JSONField(fields.DEDField):
    _param_defs = {
        "fields": {"type": "field", "hash": True},
        "analyzer": {"type": "analyzer"},
        "search_analyzer": {"type": "analyzer"},
        "search_quote_analyzer": {"type": "analyzer"},
    name = "text"

class WebTechDoc(Document):
    web_results = JSONField()

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